August 15, 2020

Jesus Teaches Inclusion with Controversial Language

Join us for worship live at 11 am Sunday (in-person in our Sanctuary or via our live stream at Youtube) as Bro. David explores how God's grace and love extend to ALL people ... including people who make look/think/act differently from you.

In person gatherings have been authorized to begin on a limited basis. At Refuge that means in the sanctuary utilizing our previous social distancing guidelines and taking into consideration the 25% capacity rule at the moment, we can have up to 30 people join us for worship. If you are interested in coming this Sunday for in person worship you may, but we will have to limit our capacity to 30 to remain in compliance and each individual who comes must wear a mask. Also, the front door and several of the windows will be open to accommodate ventilation per the guidelines put out by the conference pandemic task team. Our service time will be at 11:00 am as normal, but we will also be streaming our entire service live for those of you who are not ready to return to in person gatherings at this time. We will also continue to incorporate video elements for certain aspects of worship to keep everyone included and able to participate. I pray you are all staying healthy during this time!

In Christ Brother David